PDW City Rover 410 Headlight


The City Rover 410 is a USB rechargeable headlight with a powerful lithium-ion battery and a darkness destroying CREE LED bulb. Its precision reflector provides superior luminous guidance to the front and side for up to 20 hours of ride time. The City Rover will run for an additional 15 minutes in low power safety mode after the low battery indicator light comes on.

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  • 5 Modes (burn time): Steady 102 Lumens (9 hours), Steady 205 Lumens (4 hours), Steady 410 Lumens (2 hours), Fast Flashing (20 hours), Pulse (7 hours)
  • Lumens and burn times certified by Labsphere Illumia Light Measurement System to FL1 standard
  • Additional 15 minutes in low power safety mode after low battery indicator light comes on
  • Li-ion battery, CREE LED, Texas Insturments integrated circuit
  • One second delayed power switch to prevent accidental on/off
  • Light wakes up in last mode used
  • Micro USB charging cord included; 5.5 hour charging cycle
  • Includes Mission Control 2.0 mount
  • Weatherproof exterior for all season riding
  • Weight: 125g (4.4oz)
  • Instruction manual (PDF)

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