We believe in continuing education.

When it's not busy we stay updated.

With both of us having mechanical engineering degrees and other certifications, we know the value of being educated. We choose to stay updated on bike-related stuff instead of twiddling our thumbs or checking social media when it's not busy in our shop.

We don't know it all and never will.

There's so much information out there and bicycle products evolve much faster than anyone in this world could ever keep up with. We don't know it all and will never claim we do. We enjoy learning new things and do our best to keep our ears open if someone asks about something we never heard of. We expect people to introduce us to new things.

Here's some things we do know.

Besides having mechanical engineering degrees, here's some other stuff we've got certifications or other experience with:

We're planning to get all the expert training we can, as soon as we can, from companies like Bosch and Brose.

We're happy to spread our knowledge about bikes (or life) to whoever wants to listen, so stop by for some meaningful conversation if you want!