We decided to open a new bike shop in Corvallis.

Chris and I have lived with our families in Corvallis for several years now.

We both had dreams of owning and operating a bike shop, and we have seen and experienced the popularity of electric bikes all over the world. We felt it was time for Corvallis to have a place to experience electric bikes.

So we decided to start something new in town. We did our research on brands that had great value, great customer and dealer support, and great financial backing. Our plan is to be in this game for the long haul.

We live, play, and ride in Corvallis. Now we wanted to work in Corvallis. We looked all over for several months and found a retail space that we felt would be a great location for this business. After taking occupancy of an old State Farm office in north Corvallis, we turned it around within two months to be the first dedicated electric bicycle shop in town!

Used to be a State Farm office. Yes, one of many in Corvallis.
Almost ready, about a month of hard work.
Within two months we turned the space around to be a bike shop!

Within two months we turned around an old State Farm office to a bike shop.

We're in a great location and hope to offer something new and exciting to Corvallis for many years.

Special thanks to Mason of Garage Works for getting our floor done. It went from carpet and linoleum to raw concrete that's been sealed for durability, great for a bike shop!

And another special thanks for Fisher Construction Group and their crew for fixing damaged drywall, texturing, and priming. That was one messy job we didn't want to do ourselves.

Stop by and talk to us about all things related to bikes. We're excited to be open and enjoy face-to-face interactions.